Links and QRs

Links and QRs

Familiar technology goes to the next level

Your customers already know how to use links and QRs. But with Rezolve you can use these classic methods of engagement to launch all the mobile workflows and rich content supported by Rezolve.

Rezolve SmartLinks

SmartLinks are dynamic URLs that take people straight to your content, whether that’s in your app or online.

Use them in social media, email campaigns and SMS messages to connect directly with your customers and invite them to interact.

If your customers already have your app, they will go straight there to engage. And if they don’t have your app, they can engage online, or choose to install the app where your content will be waiting for them.

Integrated promotion and ecommerce

Engage your customers at the point of interest, and take them directly from discovery to purchase.

Grow your sales

Instant Buy reduces order abandonment by simplifying the purchase and removing barriers to completion.

Best-in-class engagement technology

Customers can online straight away, or they can switch to the related app where the offer will be waiting for them.
Redirect users to URLs