Bluetooth and Beacons

Bluetooth and Beacons

Create Interactive Spaces

Transform your environment with Rezolve. By triggering engagements with NFC, wireless and Bluetooth beacons, your customers receive notifications as they move around a physical space.

Precise Targeting

Beacons provide a much more intimate engagement with your customers from just a short distance away. You can use them on shelving or place them around your store to interact with customers unattended.


Welcome customers to your premises, show additional information about what they are looking at and provide targeted opportunities to purchase or register for more information.

Versatile beacons
Analyse user behavior

Analyse customer behaviour

Beacons allow you to analyse your customer movement and interactions and create targeted and effective campaigns.

For example, you can provide a different welcome message or promotional offers to your regular visitors, and also promote products based on what people have ordered before.